The Rural Climate Partnership (RCP), a project of the Heartland Fund, advances climate solutions to build hometown prosperity through a rural-led, place-based and benefits-forward approach.

As a grantmaker, we offer more than just funding. We equip rural communities with technical assistance, narrative infrastructure, and capacity-building resources, focusing on empowering rural leaders and organizations.

Women in Ranching

Strengthening local economies with three core investment areas

  1. Energizing community-led clean energy projects
  2. Growing regenerative agriculture practices for robust food systems
  3. Accelerating electrification and energy efficiency efforts to save rural folks money on energy bills

Across our core investment areas, we’re working to ensure rural communities secure essential federal funding to advance local priorities and reshape the climate narrative to amplify rural successes while combating misinformation.

We know the road to climate progress runs straight through rural America, creating an urgent opportunity and responsibility for philanthropy to lean into rural innovation and leadership. Failing to invest in rural-led climate solutions and the communities supported by them poses a far greater risk than the cost and effort required to resource small towns across our nation's countryside.

As we chart a course towards sustainable energy and agricultural systems, we must reflect on who is leading and who is left behind. Ensuring Black, Brown and Indigenous communities in rural America are at the heart of this transition is essential for crafting solutions that are truly transformative, inclusive and enduring.

From the desert ranges of the Southwest to the dense forests of the Northeast, our work honors the diversity of landscapes and people across rural America. For decades, rural communities of color have been subject to environmental injustices, targeted exploitation, and discrimination that continue to impact the health, wealth, and hometowns of hardworking rural people. That’s why we’re directly resourcing rural folks who confront these challenges on a daily basis.

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