Park County, Montana is using Federal funding to partner with Yellowstone Bend Citizens Council (YBCC) to launch a new solar project. New solar arrays will reduce energy costs for low-income residents, a public school, and a county fairgrounds exhibit building. In addition to cost savings, it also reduces greenhouses emissions and is a critical component to avoiding the most devastating impacts of climate change.

Park County is funding the project through the American Rescue Plan (ARP) funds. ARP delivers $350 billion for state, local, territorial, and Tribal governments. This funding is a once-in-a-generation opportunity for local, rural governments to spend funds with a high degree of flexibility to meet local needs. Park County's recent decision to fund solar is a great example of what can happen when local organizations get involved with how to allocate the funds.

YBCC responds to the climate emergency and protects Livingston, Montana's heritage by supporting the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy. YBCC is an affiliate of the Northern Plains Resource Council. The Northern Plains Resource Council is a Heartland Fund grantee and organizes across the state to protect water, family farms and ranches, and quality of life in Montana.