We cannot win real progress in this country without investing in powerful rural civic infrastructure that acknowledges the growing diversity, strong relationships, inspiring leaders, and love of place in small towns and rural communities.  Heartland Fund brings together local leaders with funding partners and national groups to build power together, and to provide the research, technology, leadership development, and communications platforms these rural innovators need to win over time.

Heartland Fund supports and coordinates high impact rural civic engagement, communications, policy advocacy, and community organizing efforts.

We are raising over $10 million this year from national sources annually and finding state and local matches to extend the impact and sustainability of our funding. We will invest the majority of our resources in up to a dozen states where small city and rural efforts have the potential to change outcomes for their communities.

Donors with a particular state, regional, or constituency focus will have the option to direct funds according to their priorities. 

Join us! It is past time to invest in the potential of our small towns and rural communities.


Please contact hallen@rural-democracy.org today for more information about how to make a transformative donation to this effort through the 501(c)(3) Heartland Fund