Keep Yourself Safe

We need everyone in our network to have physical safety, our organizations to be secure from cyber threats, and everyone in our community to exercise their right to vote without fear of harassment.

Resources and support

Our safety and security tools benefit leaders and organizations seeking physical, digital, and nonpartisan electoral security.

Created by:
Heartland Fund and Vision Change Win

October 2022

Training and Toolkit

We collaborated with Vision Change Win to offer grantees the following resources.

Learn the basics of de-escalation, safety for direct actions and events, plus security culture for organizations, based on learnings from Black, Indigenous, and People of Color movements who have spent years cultivating safety and security cultures across the U.S.

Vision Change Win also offers virtual support for rapid response needs surrounding community safety. Response guaranteed within 48 hours.

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Heartland Fund grantees also have special access to trainings, additional resources, and support. Reach out for more information about how we can meet your security needs.