Winning Jobs Narrative Project

The Winning Jobs Narrative provides a thoroughly tested, five-point messaging framework that advocates can easily use to communicate with Americans across race and geography. Use the framework to communicate on a wide range of economic issues.

Somos Votantes field program uses Winning Jobs Narrative

Messaging for Working Class Americans

The largest economic narrative project yet attempted, WJN brought together a skilled team that reviewed decades of prior research, conducted over 3,000 conversations with voters across race and geography to simply listen to their perspectives, and now has completed nearly 200,000 survey responses to continually apply and test the narrative across a wide range of issues.

A Heartland Fund Project

New Research Published Regularly

Communicate about Policy Impacts

Winning Jobs Narrative is the only messaging framework designed specifically to capture the policy shift represented by American Rescue Plan, Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, CHIPS and Science Act, and Inflation Reduction Act. These policies are a shift away from the “trickle down” economics that have dominated for decades and toward a focus on investing in people and communities to grow our economy, create broader prosperity, and help the country meet our clean energy goals.

Cultural & Economic

Many “cultural” issues also have a significant impact on the economic well-being of families. And “economic” issues are also deeply cultural – viewed through values about work and our connections to family and community. For example, Winnings Jobs’ research on Immigration and the Economy shows how issues are both cultural and economic.

This work really confirms what we see with voters in our state — Montana. The narrative is well-researched and clear. I can easily see how we can draw from it for our work this year and beyond.
Pat SweeneyWestern Organization of Resource Councils.

Shaping National Narrative

Winning Jobs Narrative is being used by state and national advocates across a range of issues and to mobilize and persuade voters. Some of the largest voter programs in the country, led by organizations like Somos Votantes, Campaign for a Family Friendly Economy, and Service Employees International Union, are using WJN to shape the national narrative around a more inclusive and people-centered vision for our economy.

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